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Summer 2024 Broadcast Media Tour

Beth Ann Tieche showcased 3 brands as must-have solutions for families this summer. She appeared on the nationally syndicated, Coffee with America, along with local shows in top regions including Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Phoenix, Sacramento, Kansas City, Indianapolis, Tampa, and Cleveland, resulting in a total reach of 4.5+ million ($190,000+ ad value).

INFLUENCER HERO: Top 120 Mom Influencers In The US

Beth Ann was recognized as a top influencer who is setting the pace in this niche, inspiring parents and brands alike with her creative ideas.

WGN: Supporting Kids’ Mental Health With Crafts

Adults spend so much time thinking about how they can better their mental health. But what are we doing to support kids and their wellbeing? Its children’s mental health week! And the key to support –is open communication. Beth Anne Tieche joins us with simple, low prep crafts and activities teach kids about feelings at home!

WGN: Easy St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Kids

Lots of parents want to have holiday fun for St. Patrick’s Day with their kids, but they want simple and easy options. Beth Ann shares some St. Patrick’s themed low prep crafts and activities.

MOTHERLY: Mom of three reveals the one question she needed her husband to ask everyday after work

EDUCATIONAL INSIGHTS: 5 Ways to Play and Learn with Sentence Building Dominoes

Beth Ann shares 5 simple, FUN ideas to learn with Sentence Building Dominoes!

WGN: Easter Crafts With Low Lift Fun

Spring is officially here! And while you may have already started on your spring cleaning–the kids are getting ready to head home for spring break. There’s no better way to spend the vacation –than with family doing some fun, easy Easter crafts!

SAFARA: A Family-Friendly Guide to Chicago

Beth Ann’s family-focused guide to Chicago’s restaurants, cafes, and must-see spots.

WGN: Winter Boredom Busters: Low Prep Kids Activities Using Simple Materials

Those cold winter days stuck inside with the kids call for some winter boredom busters – Beth Ann shares low prep crafts and activities that will keep them busy using simple materials.

WGN: Easy & Fun Indoor Craft Ideas For Kids

With below zero freezing temps — everyone is staying indoors- including the kids… Beth Ann low prep kid’s activities and parenting resources is Beth Ann Tieche of Low Lift Fun.

Yahoo! News

Beth Ann talks about the one question working parents need to ask their stay-at-home partners when they get home to help with the mental load.

Beth Ann talks with Alana Banana about the inspiration behind creating Low Lift Fun during covid while staying home with her 3 young children, parenting a spirited child and how sharing what you love and what comes naturally to you could potentially become a business that helps others.