Coping Skills Bundle: Printable Digital Download

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Calming Visual Supports for Kids – digital download! No physical product will be shipped.


Help your child develop coping skills and improve positive behavior!

Use these visual supports to increase positive behavior, self regulation, and listening in your home!! Decrease negative spirals, fighting, anxiety, tantrums, and power struggles.

  • Feelings Reflection Board
  • 12 Feelings Picture Cards (photos with labels)
  • Calming Options Choice Board
  • 12 Calming Option Pictures
  • 12 Positive Behavior Reminder Cards


Teach Coping Skills!

Are you looking to teach kids coping skills? You will love this printable digital download for kids.


✨ With the Coping Skills Bundle you receive:

+ Feelings Reflection Board (PDF format)

+ 12 photo picture cards for feelings (cards are 1.5 x 1.5 inches)

+ Calming Options Choice Board (PDF format)

+ 12 picture cards for calming options and a

+ printable Positive Behavior reminder cards (12 images to offer positive visual reminders)

+ This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD – no physical product will be shipped


✨Benefits of Visual Supports:

+ Support kids in developing coping skills by teaching them how to find and choose activities that are calming for them. One size does NOT fit all! Help your child and family find what fits for them and you!

+ Having a Calming Options Choice Board and a Feelings Reflection Board promote emotional literacy, mental health, and self regulation.

+ Another benefit is that visuals promote improved communication and positive behavior.

+ Both home and school, home-school and in therapy settings benefit from using visual supports with kids.

+ Especially helpful if children need additional support processing emotions and learning coping skills.


Visual supports help children to focus, self regulate, and improve positive behaviors at school and home. These are helpful learning tools for ALL children, particularly those in preschool, kindergarten and elementary school. Visual supports are also very helpful for children who are spirited, highly sensitive, Autistic, or have ADHD or other special needs.


✨ How to Use this Printable Coping Skills Bundle:

1. Cut out the individual pictures provided in this download, laminate to ensure long lasting use, and place velcro dots on the back of each picture.

2. Place picture cards with their respective boards. (There are more picture cards than spaces on the board, so you can pick the feelings and calming options you would like to display.)

3. Next, laminate and cut out the Positive Behavior Reminder Cards. Place on a binder ring, so you can show your child the card when they needs a visual cue to remember the appropriate behavior.


** Low Lift Fun LLC is an officially licensed PCS publisher


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