Easter Activities for Preschool – Easy and Fun Ideas!

Easter Activities for Preschool – Easy and Fun Ideas!

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Hey there, fabulous parents, teachers, and caregivers! If you’re looking for EASY and fun Easter activities for preschool, you will love these simple Easter art projects and sensory activities for kids!

With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to hop into some exciting preschool activities! I’ve rounded up my fave fun Easter activities that are perfect for preschoolers.

From sensory bins to colorful crafts, there’s something here for every little chickadee to enjoy!

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Basic Craft Supplies Required:

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Easter Crafts for Preschool

Paper Plate Bunnies!

This craft is EASY and so much fun! Grab the full instructions here to make a Paper Plate Bunny – this is the perfect Easter craft for kids!

Stamping Craft Using Peeps:

Who says Peeps are just for eating? Grab some Peeps marshmallow treats to begin. Then use them as stamps to create adorable Easter-themed artwork. It’s a sweet and simple way to get creative with your little ones.

DIY Giant Coloring Page:

In order to begin, roll out a large sheet of paper and draw bold images in black. As a result, you can let your preschoolers’ imagination run wild coloring in the giant Easter-themed coloring page.

Whether you draw bunnies and eggs or spring flowers and carrots, the possibilities are endless!

DIY Easter coloring page

Fork Stamped Tulips:

Put a spring spin on traditional stamping with this fork-stamped tulip craft. Dip the back of a fork in paint and stamp it onto paper to create beautiful tulip flowers. It’s easy, it’s fun, and the results are marvelous!

Paper Egg Collages:

To begin, cut out egg shapes from colored construction paper and provide your little ones with glue, glitter, sequins, and other decorative materials. Not only does this let their creativity shine, but they’re also developing fine motor skills as they design their unique Easter egg collages!

Here’s a fun example of a Collage Egg from Happy Toddler Playtime! Check out more of her amazing Easter activities for preschool here!!

Easter Sensory Activities

Kinetic Sand and Easter Egg Sensory Bin:

Dive into the squishy, moldable world of kinetic sand with an Easter twist! Grab a plastic bin! Then, add some colorful plastic eggs in the sand, which makes for a fun egg hunt and sensory experience.

Unquestionably, your kiddos will love developing their fine motor skills with this fun sensory bin!

Easter Activities for Preschool - kinetic sand sensory bin

Pink Rice and Easter Egg Sensory Bin:

Dye some rice pink and add it to a sensory bin along with colorful plastic eggs for a tactile Easter experience that’s both visually stimulating and hands-on.

Easter Activities for Preschool - Easter Egg Sensory Bin

Melt and Thaw Easter Egg Sensory Bin:

Fill a sensory bin with water and plastic eggs, then freeze it overnight. The next day, let your preschoolers explore as they watch the eggs melt and thaw in the water.

In essence this is a cool science experiment disguised as Easter fun!

You can also freeze pompoms in an ice tray, and melt and thaw with warm water to release. This is also fun with Easter eggs to scoop, dump, and play!

Easter Activities for Preschool - Melt and Thaw Sensory Bin

More Easter Fun

Plastic Easter Egg Snacks!

The instructions and details to make this EASY Easter snacks for kids can be found here!

Bunny Hop Freeze Dance:

Get the party started with a hopping good time! Play some upbeat Easter tunes and encourage your preschoolers to hop, skip, and jump like bunnies. When the music stops, everyone freezes in their best bunny pose until the music starts again.

What’s most important is that this is a high-energy game that’s sure to keep everyone entertained… and wear them out!

Egg Roll Painting:

Set up a painting station outdoors and let your little artists get creative with egg rolling painting. Dip plastic eggs in different colors of paint, then roll them across sheets of paper to create vibrant patterns and designs. It’s a messy, colorful, and oh-so-fun way to celebrate the Easter season!

With these awesome Easter activities, your preschoolers are surely bound to have a hopping good time!

From sensory play to arts and crafts to outdoor games, there’s no shortage of fun to be had. We hope these ideas inspire you to get hopping and create some egg-ceptional memories with your little ones this Easter! 🐰🥚🎨

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