DIY Valentines for Preschoolers: Spread Love with Crafty Creations!

DIY Valentines for Preschoolers: Spread Love with Crafty Creations!

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Hey there, crafty pals! These DIY Valentines for Preschoolers are too much fun! Valentine’s Day isn’t just for grown-ups—it’s a super fun time for preschoolers to get in on the lovey-dovey action too!

If you want to get right to the freebies:

FREE Monster Valentine Printable

FREE “In Our Friendship Era” Valentine Printable

Get ready for some EASY and low prep DIY Valentines as we dive into three adorable DIY valentine ideas that’ll have your little ones giggling with glee.

From friendship bracelets to photo flower cards, and even make-your-own monster kits, get ready to unleash the cuteness! And, above all, have fun!

Friendship Bracelet Kit

Supplies: “In Our Friendship Era” valentines (free download here), small bags, beads, and string.

Let’s kick things off with a blast of color and friendship vibes! Kids love Taylor Swift, and these “In Our Friendship Era” DIY valentine kits are sure to be a hit (free download here)!

You can do this two ways. Firstly, if your kiddo wants to make bracelets, they can create bracelets for each pal. This is a guaranteed recipe for smiles if you have a kiddo who loves to craft! Then punch a hole in the valentine card and attach the homemade bracelet with a ribbon!

OR, you can do these as friendship bracelet making kits to GIVE as valentines, so friends can make bracelets! This is simple! Fill a small baggie with beads and a string, and then staple the bag onto the “In Our Friendship Era” card – easy peasy and super affordable! Your valentine then has the supplies to make their own friendship bracelet!

Photo Flower Card – DIY valentine for preschoolers

Supplies: photo of each child, knife or Exacto blade, artificial flowers.

DIY Valentines for Preschoolers

Hold onto your hats, folks, ’cause we’re about to turn up the cute factor to eleven!

Say cheese and strike a pose—it’s time for some photo flower power! First, have each kiddo pose with their hand in their air as if they’re holding a balloon.

Once you’ve printed the photos, make a small slice above and below the hand in the photo. (Be sure to do this on a cutting board, and of course this part is for the grown-ups!)

After that you can slide something into the hand in the photo! We put flowers in each hand, but you could also slide in a pencil, pen, lollipop, or anything else!

Finally, add in some heart-melting messages like “Blooming with Love,” and you’ve got yourself a guaranteed heart-stealer!

Make Your Own Monster Kit DIY Valentines for Preschoolers:

Supplies: “Have a Monster Valentine’s Day” valentines (free download here), small bags, small containers of play doh, crafts supplies (like pipe cleaners, googley eyes, pompoms, and/or beads).

Last but not least, let’s prepare for a monster mash-up of epic proportions! Who says monsters can’t be cuddly and cute?

These kits are perfect to take to class for friends or to give to your own kiddos at home.

Grab your craft supplies (like googly eyes, pom-poms, pipe cleaners, and small containers of play doh). After that, fill the bags with the monster making kit goodies.

Finally, staple each card onto each bag!

With a “make your own monster kit,” your little one will be the mastermind behind the quirkiest, silliest monsters you ever laid eyes on. Give ’em names, write up some monstrously punny messages like “You’re a Scream!” and watch as the giggles roll in faster than you can say “Boo!”


And there you have it, friends — a whirlwind adventure through the land of DIY valentines for preschoolers! From friendship bracelets to photo flower cards and make-your-own monster kits, these crafts are the perfect recipe for spreading love and joy this Valentine’s Day.

So grab your play doh, round up your mini-makers, and let’s make memories that’ll warm our hearts for years to come! Happy crafting, everyone!

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