5 Ways to Use a Boogie Board

5 Ways to Use a Boogie Board

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Here are 5 ways to use a Boogie Board for learning that your kids will love!

This blog post is sponsored by Boogie Board – all thoughts and feelings are my own.

#1) Boogie Board Activity: Sight Word Practice

  • Set Up:
    • write your child’s sight words on note cards (one word per card)
    • place sight words in a bin or bowl (we filled ours with blue beans to make it a sensory table – learn about sensory fillers here)

  • What Next?
    • your child can pull a card and write the word on their Boogie Board

  • Tips:
    • this is adaptable to any skill! Practice letter formation, spelling words, or solving math problems – you can write anything you like on the cards, but use the same set up!
    • start small with the number of cards you use – if this is overwhelming to your child then try starting with a few words to practice at a time

5 Ways to Use a Boogie Board - Boogie Board sight word practice
Boogie Board sight word practice

#2) Fill in the Missing Letter

  • Set Up:
    • write 3 letter CVC words on the Boogie Board with the middle letter missing (see image below!)
    • CVC means consonant, vowel, consonant – these three letter words are perfect for kids learning to read and beginning to put 3 sounds together to build a word

  • What Next?
    • call out a word, and your child will fill in the missing vowel
    • this is perfect for kids working on distinguishing between different vowel sounds (for example: call out “cot” and your child would fill in the o, call out “sit” and your child would fill in the i)

  • Tips:
    • this is adaptable to working on beginning sounds, ending sounds, or more advanced phonics patterns!
    • if seeing four words on the board is too much visually for your child, try doing the words one at a time

Boogie Board word work and letter tracing
Boogie Board word work and tracing

Teaching CVC words?! You will LOVE these strategies from Forward with Fun!!

#3) Boogie Board Activity 3: Trace My Name

  • Set Up:
    • write your child’s name using a dotted line (see image above)

  • What Next?
    • invite your child to trace over their name

  • Tips:
    • if your child is not yet forming letters, try having them trace shapes or even lines (curvy, straight, zigzag) – these are all important skills leading up to letter formation!
    • it’s ok if your child would prefer to doodle and draw freely – that’s developmentally appropriate!

#4) Boogie Board Activity: Roll, Write, and Build

  • Set Up:
    • grab a die and 6 counters or manipulatives (we love counting bears)

  • What Next?
    • child rolls the die, builds that number with the manipulatives, and writes the number on their board

  • Tips:
    • use two dice if your child is ready for a challenge! They can count the total number of dots, build that total number, and practice writing it (hello, fun addition practice!)

#5) Get Your Doodle On!!

  • No set up needed here!! We take Boogie Board along as an awesome activity in all of these situations:

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Thanks for reading to learn new ways to use your Boogie Board with Kids!

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