Catch a Feeling: An Amazing Feelings Game Preschool Kids Love!

Catch a Feeling: An Amazing Feelings Game Preschool Kids Love!

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This is a feelings game preschool kids, kindergarteners, and early elementary kids will enjoy and benefit from!

Today, I’m excited to share a wonderful game called Catch A Feeling—a perfect feelings game for preschool children for both social emotional learning and family bonds. This game uses a simple beach ball to help kids identify and talk about different emotions, fostering emotional intelligence and communication skills. Let’s dive in!

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Catch a Feeling: An Amazing Feelings Game Preschool Kids Love!

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What You’ll Need to Play “Catch a Feeling” – My Favorite Feelings Game Preschool Kids Love:

A beach ball

Permanent markers

Catch a Feeling: An Amazing Feelings Game Preschool Kids Love!

How to Play Catch A Feeling:

1. Prepare the Ball: Start by drawing different facial expressions all over the beach ball using permanent markers. For example, you can draw happy, sad, angry, surprised, scared, and excited faces. Feel free to add more emotions as you see fit.

2. Explain the Game: Then, explain to your child that each face on the ball represents a different feeling. Let them know that you will be tossing the ball back and forth, and wherever their hand lands, you’ll talk about a time when you had that feeling.

3. Toss the Ball: Stand a few feet apart and gently toss the ball to your child. When they catch the ball, ask them to look at the face closest to their right hand.

4. Talk About Feelings: Ask your child to name the emotion they see and share a time when they felt that way. For example, if their hand lands on a happy face, they might talk about a time when they were happy, like a birthday or a fun trip to the park. Finally, share your own experiences too, as this will help model the behavior and make the game more engaging.

5. Continue the Game: Keep tossing the ball back and forth, taking turns to talk about different feelings. Encourage your child to express themselves freely and listen actively to their stories.

Catch a Feeling: An Amazing Feelings Game Preschool Kids Love!

Emotional Benefits of Catch A Feeling:

Identifying Emotions: This feelings game for preschool helps children recognize and name different emotions, which is a crucial first step in developing emotional intelligence.

Expressing Feelings: By sharing their own experiences, children learn to articulate their feelings. This can improve their communication skills and self-awareness.

Building Empathy: Listening to others talk about their feelings fosters both empathy and understanding, as children learn that everyone experiences emotions.

Strengthening Bonds: Playing this game together can strengthen the bond between you and your child, creating a safe space for open and honest conversations.

Catch a Feeling: An Amazing Feelings Game Preschool Kids Love!

Tips for Success with this Feelings Game for Preschool

Be Patient: Some children might open up quickly, while conversely other kids need time to open up about their feelings. Be patient and give them the space to both express themselves freely and to do so at their own pace.

Model Behavior: Share your own feelings / experiences to show your child that it’s okay to talk about emotions, especially the tricky feelings like jealousy, anger, disappointment, and loneliness.

Keep It Fun: Remember, this is a game! Keep the atmosphere light and fun, so your child enjoys playing and learning at the same time.

Fun Variations

Add New Faces: Additionally, you can add new faces with different emotions to the ball to expand your child’s emotional vocabulary.

Group Play: You can play 1:1 with a child. But, by all means, please also play Catch A Feeling with a group of children for a fun and interactive way to learn about emotions together.

Catch A Feeling is more than just a game. It’s a powerful tool to help your child develop emotional intelligence and communication skills in a fun and engaging way. We hope you enjoy playing this feelings game for preschool with your child and create wonderful, meaningful conversations.

Until next time, keep exploring and creating joyful learning experiences!

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