50 Simple Activities for Preschool Learning at Home

50 Simple Activities for Preschool Learning at Home

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Are you looking for fun activities for preschool learning at home?! These easy and simple ideas are a blast and just what you need!!

  • Explore Patterns:
    • make snack patterns (for example: line up pretzel, goldfish, pretzel, goldfish)
    • patterns with LEGOs
    • patterns with stickers
    • patterns with magnetic tiles on the garage door
    • patterns with socks while folding laundry (white, white, gray, white, white, gray, etc.)
    • patterns with buttons
    • make stamping patterns in playdough
    • string fruit loops on a necklace making color patterns
    • pattern friendship bracelets: buy string and beads at the craft store
    • make patterns gross motor movements (jump, jump, clap, jump, jump, clap; or reach high, stomp, reach high, stomp)

Preschool Learning at Home
Magnetic tile pattern activity – math for preschool learning at home.

Fun with Sorting

  • Sorting Activities
    • sort coins by type
    • sort silverware by type
    • sort objects by shape (circles and spheres together, squares and cubes together, etc.)
    • sort pompoms by color
    • sort LEGOS by color
    • sort cars by color
    • sort letters by uppercase and lowercase
    • sort numbers and letters
    • sort animals figures by size (small and large)
    • sort socks by size (children’s and adults’)

Preschool Learning at Home
50 Preschool Activities for Learning at Home

Letter Learning

  • Practice with Letters and Letter Sounds:
    • Post It Search: hide post-it notes around the house with letters – find the letters and build the alphabet
    • Letter Hop: write letters on the sidewalk in chalk – call out a letter and hop to it!
    • Put letter puzzle pieces in a bin of rice – kids find the pieces and place in the puzzle
    • Wrap letter puzzle pieces in tin foil – kids unwrap and place in the puzzle
    • Giant name painting – write kids’ names on butcher paper and let them paint
    • Alphabet match – write letters on the sidewalk and have kids match the letters
    • Write letters on magnetic tiles – use them to build the child’s name
    • Practice letter formation in a tray of salt using a paint brush
    • Practice letter formation in a gallon bag of hair gel or shaving cream – seal it and tape it down
    • Sound Search! Search the whole house to find something that starts with each letter of the alphabet – gather the objects together in order and label them with their letter!

Art Activities

  • Painting
    • paint on tin foil
    • paint with water on the sidewalk
    • hot glue boxes together and paint a skyscraper
    • paint ice with water colors (can freeze a baking sheet of ice or do ice cubes)
    • cut a fruit or veggie in half and stamp with it
    • paint recyclable materials
    • paint a mural outside
    • use LEGOs to stamp with paint
    • use cookie cutter to stamp with paint
    • make sidewalk chalk paint (2 tablespoons cornstarch, 2 tablespoons water, ¼ piece of smashed chalk – combine all and add water as needed)

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Preschool Learning at Home

Preschool Activities for the Car

  • Games for in the Car
    • I spy something that starts with the ____ sound.
    • I spy something that rhymes with the word _____.
    • Give two rhyming words – kids think of a third word that rhymes.
    • Color hunt – take along a clipboard with colors on it (kids cross off the colors as they see them)
    • Give two words and kids tell if it rhymes or does not rhyme.
    • Pick a letter sound and think of words together that begin with that sound (dog, dinner, donuts)
    • Go back and forth counting with your child (one person says one, the next two, and so on)
    • Count objects – “I wonder how many signs we’ll pass on the drive! Let’s count them together!)
    • Play guess my number: “I’m thinking of the number that’s one more than 3.” – you can make this more or less challenging based on your child’s development.
    • Think of animals and count the number of syllables in that animal name (bear – 1, puppy – 2, flamingo – 3) – clap the syllables together as you count.

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Preschool Learning at Home