Gift Ideas for Artistic People: Unleash Creativity with the Best Gifts for Crafty Kids

Gift Ideas for Artistic People: Unleash Creativity with the Best Gifts for Crafty Kids

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Are you on the hunt for the perfect gift for the artistic people in your life? Whether you’re shopping for a budding young artist or a seasoned creative mind, we’ve got you covered with a carefully curated list of gift ideas for artistic people. These thoughtful and inspiring gifts are sure to ignite their imagination and fuel their passion for all things artistic.

Gift Ideas for Artistic People: Unleash Creativity with the Best Gifts for Crafty Kids!

1. Premium Supplies and Artistic Tools/Gadgets

Explore high quality supplies, special tools, and unique gadgets designed to enhance the artistic process. This could include a digital drawing tablet, a high-quality camera for capturing their creations, or even specialized tools for specific art forms. Practical and innovative gifts like these show that you appreciate their passion!!

Boogie Board makes our favorite drawing tablet for kids – Jot Kids Doodle Board, an authentic LCD writing and drawing tablet! This is a must-have for the crafty kid in your life!

Check out more Boogie Board Play Products for crafty kids here!

We love STABILO for high quality art supplies. A few of our favorites:

STABILO Pen 68 brush – beautiful vivid colors! Any artist will LOVE the brush tips on these!!

STABILO woody 3 in 1 – these pencils are AMAZING! They are brightly colored soft pencils that glide on smoothly! They ALSO write on glass (and wash away easily!), and you can paint over them with water for an awesome watercolor effect! These multi-talented pencils are sure to be a hit!!

STABILO point 88 fineliner pens – these pens have a very fine tip and are perfect for precision artists!! These are excellent for detailed drawing and writing.

Gift Ideas for Artistic People - best STABILO supplies

2. Art Activity Books

Keep the inspiration flowing with an art activity book. From step-by-step tutorials to sticker books and coloring books, you can choose a book that aligns with their artistic interests, whether it’s painting, drawing, or a special topic!

Eye Like Sticker Books!

Sticker By Number Books

3. DIY Craft Kits – Gift Ideas for Artistic People

For crafty kids with a passion for hands-on projects, DIY craft kits are a fantastic choice. Choose kits that align with their interests, whether it’s jewelry making, pottery, or DIY painting. These kits provide all the necessary materials and instructions for a fun and rewarding creative experience.

Consider the age and skill level of the crafty kid when selecting a DIY craft kit. Look for kits that strike a balance between being challenging enough to inspire creativity and having clear instructions to ensure a successful and enjoyable crafting experience.

These Foil Fun kits are fantastic! Everything you need is included! (ages 4-9)

Gift Ideas for Artistic People and Crafty Kids - Foil Fun

Dot It! Is another mess-free activity kit. (ages 3-7)

4. Special or Personalized Sketchbook / Journal

Give the gift of a blank canvas with a personalized sketchbook or journal. Adding a personal touch, such as their name or a motivational quote, makes this gift extra special. It’s the perfect place for them to jot down ideas, doodle, and bring their visions to life.

Consider choosing a sketchbook with different types of paper to accommodate various type of drawing. Some sketchbooks include both blank pages and pages with grids or dots, providing flexibility for different drawing styles and projects.

5. Art Classes, Passes, or Workshops as Gift Ideas for Artistic People

Unlock new skills and techniques by gifting art classes or workshops. Many art studios offer courses taught by seasoned artists, covering everything from basic drawing skills to advanced painting techniques. This gift not only enhances their abilities but also provides a valuable learning experience to nurture their passion!

Here are a few ideas:

Traditional Art/Painting Studio – These studios often cover a broad spectrum of traditional art forms, including drawing, painting, and sculpture.

Paint a Pot or Pottery Studio – Pottery studios focus on the art of ceramics. Kids can learn to create pottery on a wheel, hand-build clay sculptures, and explore the process of glazing and firing their creations. Paint a Pot studios are also popular and offer gift cards!

Craft Studio – Craft studios focus on a wide range of hands-on, DIY projects. This can include activities like jewelry making, paper crafting, and other crafts that allow kids to express their creativity in a tangible way.

6. Art Supplies Set

A comprehensive art supplies set is a timeless gift for anyone who loves to create. Look for sets that include high-quality pencils, paints, brushes, and sketchpads. Opting for professional-grade materials will elevate their artistic experience and encourage them to explore new techniques.

Consider a set that includes a variety of mediums, such as watercolors, acrylics, and colored pencils. This allows the recipient to experiment with different styles and find the medium that resonates most with their creative expression.

Crayola Inspiration Art Case

Gift Ideas for Artistic People and Crafty Kids - art sets

7. Gallery Tickets or Art Event Passes

Immerse the artistic person in a world of inspiration by gifting tickets to a local art gallery or passes to an upcoming art event. Exposure to different styles and forms of art can be incredibly motivating and may spark new ideas for their own creative projects.

Research local galleries and art events to find ones that align with the person’s interest!


Finding the perfect gift for artistic people doesn’t have to be a challenge. Whether they’re a seasoned artist or a crafty kid just starting their creative journey, these gift ideas for artistic people are sure to bring joy and inspiration. Celebrate their artistic spirit with a thoughtful and meaningful gift that encourages them to continue expressing themselves through their unique creations.

Remember, the best gifts are those that reflect the individual’s passion and provide them with the tools and inspiration to continue exploring and expanding their artistic horizons.

Happy gifting!

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