Best Winter Activities for Preschoolers this Month

Best Winter Activities for Preschoolers this Month

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If you are looking for Winter Activities for Preschoolers, this is the list for you! So much fun to be had with these 5 simple activities!

Whipped Cream Sensory Table Winter Activity

Set Up: set out a tray with toy trucks, cover with whipped cream or shaving cream

What Next? Let your little one drive, explore, and have a blast with vehicles in whipped cream or shaving cream! Whipped cream makes this taste for all ages, and shaving cream may result in less sugar intake. 😉

Bonus: read a book about snow while your kids play. They will listen, learn, and make meaningful connections in the brain!

Best Winter Activities for Preschoolers: sensory table with trucks and whipped cream

Magic Snowflake Painting Kids’ Activity

Set Up: draw on paper with white crayon (press hard), and then paint with watercolors. The paint will not appear where the crayon was drawn – magic!

Bonus: Also super fun for practicing letters, finding sight words, math skills, and anything else you can dream up!

Best Winter Activities for Preschoolers: magic painting

Frozen Snow Sensory Table for Kids

Set Up: lay towels under the sensory table to catch spills! Fill up a bin with snow, and bring the fluffy stuff inside. Add toys like Frozen characters, penguins, polar bears, or anything else.

Winter Activities for Preschoolers

Winter Trains Kids’ Activity

Set Up: grab any leftover holiday decorations, blue magnetic tiles, blue duplo legos, or any other blue/icy toys.

What Next: let your kids set up a winter wonderland for their trains.

(This is a great way to make old favorite toys feel NEW and exciting!)

Winter Activities for Preschoolers

Snow Painting Activity for Kids

Set Up: Fill a bin with snow, fill cups with water + food coloring, and get out pipettes/eye droppers.

What Next: let your kids explore painting images, mixing colors

(This is great for building fine motor strength!)

Winter Activities for Preschoolers

Check out fun DIY winter crafts from Northern Classics here!

Thank you for reading!! Have fun with these Winter Activities for Preschoolers – hope they get you a little fun on a chaotic day!

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