Fun Preschool Math Activities we Love

Fun Preschool Math Activities we Love

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Looking for fun preschool math activities? This is the post for you! These play based learning ideas are EASY to set up and packed with learning!

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DIY Counting Cups: Fun Preschool Math Activities

Materials: apple sauce cups, hot glue gun, cardboard.

Directions: Hot glue apple sauces cups on the board to secure. Easy peasy!

Optional: numbers for matching, gems or items to use as manipulatives for counting, clothespins labeled to match the numbers on the board.

Magnetic Tile Patterns: Fun Preschool Math Activities

Materials: magnetic tiles, magnetic surface (refrigerator, washing machine, and garage door are all great options)

Directions: Create patterns on the surface. Say the pattern aloud to help your child see and hear the repeating pattern. Invite them to say the pattern aloud as well. Encourage your child to extend the pattern by asking, what comes next? Or invite your child to create their own patterns.

Fill the Shape: Fun Preschool Math Activities

Materials: shape puzzle, rice, scoopers, paint brush

Directions: Remove puzzle pieces, place the puzzle frame in a tray (to help contain rice), invite children to scoop the rice and fill the shapes.

More messy, fun sensory play learning here.

Ten Frame with Painters Tape: Fun Preschool Math Activities

Materials: ten frame made of painters tape, small items for counting and number building. (A ten frame is a 2×5 grid that helps kids visually see TEN. It’s helpful and important as learners develop number sense and a deeper understanding of number relationships 1-10.)

Directions: Here my 2 year old was exploring 1:1 correspondence (the idea of counting each item one at a time) as one item goes in each space. We noticed how the top half (a five frame) makes 5.

My older son rolled a die, and then filled in that number of hearts. Then we talked about how many more we’d need to make ten. There are endless variations here: draw a number card and build that number, practice addition and number sentences while using this as a work mat, or let your kiddo explore and share what they notice.

Parking Lot Ten Frame

Materials: cardboard, cars, masking tape, permanent marker

Directions: Draw lines to create parking lot, label parking spaces 1-10, place masking tape on cars, and label vehicles 1-10.

This is a great activity, because kids can explore one to one correspondence, counting, and number building in a high interest way!

Enjoy these Fun Preschool Math Activities with your kids!!

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