Best Easter Art Project for Preschoolers: Fun + Easy Peep House!

Best Easter Art Project for Preschoolers: Fun + Easy Peep House!

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Looking for a fun and easy Easter art project for preschoolers?! This DIY Peep House is so much fun and give kids lots of opportunities for hands-on learning, fine motor development, and self expression!

Easter is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than with an art project tailored perfectly for your little ones?

Let’s dive into the world of creativity with this Easter activity: crafting a Peep House! Think of it as your very own Easter version of a gingerbread house, but with a springy twist!

So, gather your little bunnies and let’s hop right into the fun! Here’s how to create your very own Peep House, a delightful Easter art project for preschoolers.

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Easter Art Project for Preschoolers - how to make a Peep House


  1. Graham crackers (for constructing the walls and roof)
  2. Hot glue gun (for assembling the Peep House beforehand)
  3. Icing or frosting (to act as the glue for the decor)
  4. Assorted Easter candies, sprinkles, or gummies (for decorations)
  5. Peeps marshmallow bunnies (the stars of the show!)
  6. A sturdy tray, paper plate, or cardboard base (to build your Peep House on)


1. Prepare Your Base: To begin lay out your tray, paper plate, or cardboard base to build your Peep House upon. This provides stability for the crafting process.

2. Assemble the Peep House: Adults, using a hot glue gun, assemble the graham crackers to form the walls and roof of the Peep House. This step ensures sturdiness, preventing breakage while the kids are decorating. Leave an opening for the door.

3. Decorate, Decorate, Decorate!: Let the creativity flow! Invite kids to use their icing to add vibrant designs to the walls and roof. Then, invite your little ones to adorn their creation with Easter candies, sprinkles, and of course, those adorable Peeps! As they engage in this hands-on activity, they’re not just having fun; they’re also honing their fine motor skills and exploring their artistic talents.

Additionally, kids can enhance their Peep House with extra decorations like edible glitter or additional candy accents. This step encourages attention to detail and fosters creativity as your preschoolers personalize their masterpiece.

Easter Art Project for Preschoolers - how to make a Peep House

4. Let It Set: Last, allow your Peep House to set, giving the icing time to harden and secure everything in place.

Tips for Easter Art Projects for Preschoolers + Peep Houses!

  • When it comes to kids’ art, encourage hands-on decorating to unleash your preschooler’s creativity. This activity promotes self-expression and imagination. There’s no right or wrong way to create, so embrace the process!

  • By all means, enjoy the process and know perfection isn’t the goal—it’s all about the fun and imagination! Generally it’s helpful to emphasize the process over the outcome to instill a love for creativity and exploration.

  • Finally, capture the moment with plenty of photos to cherish the memories. Reflecting on their creations helps children develop a sense of pride and accomplishment!

Easter Art Project for Preschoolers - Peep House Easter Craft

Get ready for an awesome Easter memory with this delightful art project – perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and big kids!! Not only is this fun, but also a great hands-on learning opportunity for kids!

May your Easter be filled with joy, laughter, and memories together!

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