50+ Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas Your Kids Will Love

50+ Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas Your Kids Will Love

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Feeling stumped on non candy Easter basket ideas for this Easter?! I have you covered here with loads of easy ideas on how the Easter Bunny can stuff those baskets! (And of course we include some candy, too!!)

No matter the holiday, I’ve always been a firm believer in giving kids items they will actually use! I skip the junk that I know would end up cluttering our space or in the garbage!

With spring and summer peeking around the corner, I’m also all about picking out items that’ll not only bring smiles but also come in handy for the season ahead.

So, if you’re on the same page, here are some fantastic non-candy Easter basket ideas that your little ones will absolutely adore.

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1. Sensory Toys for Easter Baskets:

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Let’s kick things off with some sensory fun! Think squishy stress balls, textured sensory balls, or even some mesmerizing kinetic sand.

These toys aren’t just entertaining; they’re also fantastic for stimulating your kiddo’s senses, meeting sensory needs, and sparking their creativity!

2. Art Supplies – Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas:

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Have a child who loves art?! Feed their artistic flair with a colorful array of art supplies! From vibrant colored pencils to washable markers and everything in between, you’ll be fostering their creativity and giving them endless avenues for self-expression.

FUN art supplies are also fabulous for fine motor development!

Art Supplies for Easter Baskets, Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas

3. Outdoor Toys + Summer Supplies for Easter Baskets:

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Get ready to soak up that sunshine with some awesome outdoor toys! Jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, frisbees, bubbles – the possibilities are endless! These goodies aren’t just about fun; they’re about encouraging active play and letting your little adventurers bask in the great outdoors.

Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas

4. Small Toys – Non Candy Ideas for Easter Baskets:

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Who says good things don’t come in small packages? Fill those baskets with fidgets (if your kids use them!), small LEGO sets, mini pretend play figurines, stickers, or even tiny toy cars.

Trust me; these little treasures will bring big smiles and provide hours of entertainment.

5. Books for Easter Baskets

Ah, there’s nothing quite like getting lost in a good book! Add some literary magic to your Easter baskets with age-appropriate titles that cater to your kiddo’s interests. Whether they’re into epic adventures, colorful picture books, or fascinating educational reads, you’ll be nurturing their love for reading and fostering precious bonding moments.

Growing readers benefit from having high-interest texts on their level. Easter is a great chance to grab your child 1-2 new books that will spark their interest in reading.

So, there you have it – a basketful of awesome non-candy Easter ideas that’ll have your kiddos jumping for joy!

From sensory delights to outdoor adventures and everything in between, these goodies are not just about fun; they’re about fostering creativity, encouraging exploration, and creating unforgettable memories. So, this Easter, let’s skip the sugar rush and opt for goodies that’ll keep the smiles lasting long after the chocolate eggs have been devoured. Happy Easter, and happy basket-filling!

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