Yoto Player Review and Toniebox Review

Yoto Player Review and Toniebox Review

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If you’re wondering about getting your child a Yoto Player or Toniebox, do it! Both products are absolutely awesome, and we enjoy them both daily in our home! This blog post is a Yoto Player Review and Toniebox Review, so you can make your best choice!

Yoto Player Review
Yoto Player Review

As an affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This post is not sponsored by Yoto or tonies, and all thoughts and feelings are my own.

What is a Yoto Player? What is a Toniebox?

  • Yoto Players and Tonieboxes are both audio players that play songs and stories for kids – they are very similar products.
    • Both are easy for children to use and operate.
    • Both offer options for popular brands and beloved characters (Disney, Pixar, etc.)
    • Both offer personalized options that allow you to record a story or message for the child.

What’s the difference between a Toniebox and a Yoto Player?

The primary difference is what “holds” and controls the sound that comes from the player. The Toniebox has small figures (called Tonies) that each hold songs and/or stories. You swap the figure to change the music/story. The Yoto Player has cards that hold the songs and/or stories – you swap out the card to change the audio.

Like I said, they’re really similar!

The character figurines may be a perk if you’re child loves the small figures themselves (they are super cute), and at the same time the cards have a small footprint and won’t be mistaken for a toy. So pros and cons with both the figurines and the cards!

Yoto offers more free content.

While we love both devices, I slightly prefer yoto for my family’s needs. Here is why!

3 things we love about the Yoto Player:

  1. Easy to Use: you place cards in the audio player, and they play different songs and stories – it’s very easy for a child to operate.
  2. Can See and Change the Track Number: the Yoto Player lets you easily switch the track you’re one to go to a new song or story. (The Toniebox, which is a similar device, is much trickier to change and skip tracks).
  3. Daily Kids Podcast: my son loves the simple, daily podcast that’s put out each day – I like that this free content is easy to access as well.

When we love to use the Yoto Player:

  1. Screen Free Fun: I like that the Toniebox and Yoto Player are fun, screen free options for kids.
  2. Calming Activity: it makes a great calming activity or time out alternative. (It’s a really nice calming option when a child needs to regroup, reset, or relax.)
  3. Quiet Time: if your child no longer naps, this is perfect for quiet time in their bedroom or whatever space they take their quiet time.
  4. Travel: the Yoto Player and Toniebox are excellent for car and plane rides – you don’t have to be connected to the internet, as long as the card or Tonie figurine has previously been used in the player.

Yoto Player Review
Toniebox and Yoto Player Review

Thank you for reading! I hope you found this helpful as you choose between a Toniebox or a Yoto Player!

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