Best Spring Break Bucket List for Kids

Best Spring Break Bucket List for Kids

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Hanging at home for spring break? This is the best spring break bucket list for kids!

Changes in routines can be extra tough for spirited kids, and times that are meant to be fun can become tough and draining for everyone. Creating a routine for the week and planning some activities can help spirited kids feel successful and make the week less stressful for parents, too. This spring break bucket list for kids give you over 50 options for simple, easy ideas to keep busy and keep smiling.

Having low lift (easy!) fun will boost connection, positivity, and well being for everyone (including you). Here are 50+ simple activities and ideas for a wonderful spring break at home!

Best Spring Break Bucket List for Kids: 50+ Low Lift Activities!

1. Visit the zoo

2. Check out library books about spring

3. Listen to Vivaldi’s “spring” and create art outdoors

4. Play in the mud outside

5. Make an Easter basket for someone who needs some cheer

6. Visit a new museum

7. Set up an outdoor sensory bin (fill an under the bed storage bin with water)

8. Take a one day road trip somewhere in your state!

Spring Break Bucket List – FREE Activities

9. Go on a hike

Best Spring Break Bucket List for Kids
Best Spring Break Bucket List for Kids

10. Decorate spring cookies

11. Make smoothies

12. Play hop scotch

13. Go watch the sunrise (or sunset!) somewhere new!

14. Go bird watching (or animal spotting!)

15. Fly kites

Spring Water Activities for Kids!

16. Hand wash the car

Want more water activities?! Check out this post with 25 EASY Water Activities!

17. Make homemade popsicles (use molds or an ice cube tray)

18. Do springy crafts – full list of 55+ ideas here

Best Spring Break Bucket List for Kids: 55 spring activities
Best Spring Break Bucket List for Kids: 55 spring activities

Spring Break Bucket List – Outdoor Activities

19. Hang up a bird feeder

20. Get take out and eat at a park

21. Have a picnic in the backyard

22. Host a kids’ garden tea party in the backyard

23. Try an outdoor scavenger hunt – like this one from Northern Classics it’s free!!

24. Paint rocks

25. Make a summer bucket list while sitting in the yard!

Spring Break Bucket List to get out and about!

26. Plant herbs and do yard work

27. Visit a carnival

28. Go horseback riding

29. Go to a beach

30. Play mini golf

31. Plant flowers in the garden

32. Play frisbee

33. Look for wild flowers

34. Plan a weekend trip for this summer

35. Buy grocery store flowers and make bouquets – take them to someone who need a boost

36. Bake muffins

37. Stargaze at night

38. Visit a new playground

Best Spring Break Bucket List for Kids
Best Spring Break Bucket List for Kids

Spring Break Bucket List – ideas outside the box!

39. Go camping in the backyard (even during the day!)

40. Dye Easter eggs

41. Go feed the ducks

42. Decorate the driveway with sidewalk chalk or draw roads for your toy cars

43. Make homemade lemonade

44. Have a board game night

45. Play in the rain

46. Paint a flower pot and plant new flowers in it!

47. Go out for ice cream

48. Do spring cleaning together and drop off donations

49. Visit a farmer’s market

50. Bake a seasonal pie together

51. Visit a local farm

52. Have a family movie day

53. Go on a bug hunt

54. Have a family sleepover in the living room

55. Get lunch from a food truck

56. Go to a library in another town to explore

What should we add to the list? If you have more ideas, drop them in the comments! I’d love to know!!

Thank you for reading! Hope you enjoy some fun from this Spring Break Bucket List for Kids!!

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