4 Easy Steps to Organize Kids Toys

4 Easy Steps to Organize Kids Toys

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These are simple, easy steps to organize kids’ toys!

Do you need a system to organize your kids’ toys?! All in all, kids come with a lot of clutter! As a result, it takes WORK to stay organized with kids!

So remember this: kids actually play MORE with less. Ditch the clutter using 4 simple steps – you’ll enjoy your space, and your kids will actually play MORE with less!

Follow these simple steps to organize kids toys!

Step 1 to organize kids’ toys: sort toys by category

Get clear on what you have. When I sort by category it allows me to see what I have – and how much of each item. Are there 15 baby dolls, but the kids only play with 3 of them? Have kids outgrown some of the puzzles? When you group items by category you make it easier to take inventory. Sorting by category will also help you create your system for organizing! Win, win!!

Easy Steps to Organize Kids Toys: sort by category
Easy Steps to Organize Kids Toys: sort by category

Step 2: edit out toys that are no longer needed

This is the most important step. Choose what to get rid of. Donate toys that aren’t used often, and throw away toys that are broken. If your child won’t know it’s gone, you probably don’t need it in your home. As I have said, by removing the clutter, you’re creating space for PLAY.

Edit, edit, and edit again. Children are overwhelmed if there are too many toys in a space. Decision fatigue sets in when there’s too much to choose from, and a space packed with toys can leave a child less inclined to play independently – not to mention how toys can take over the space for adults as well. It also can make a space feel chaotic and difficult to keep items organized.

Remember, kids actually play MORE with less.

If you’d like to go deeper on this topic, my friend Sarah from Clutter Curator covers how many toys kids really need beautifully in this post.

Step 3: choose what to keep!

As you edit out what’s no longer needed, you’ll see which toys should be the stars of the show. Prioritize keeping toys that are open ended, meaning they promote creative play and can be used many ways.

We love blocks, cars, magnetic tiles, dolls, and pretend play toys! These are forever favorite open ended toys in our house!

Finally, remember all kids are different – prioritize what your child enjoys most and sparks creativity for them!

Need help figuring out what toys will stand the test of time? Check out our all time favorite toys here.

Easy Steps to Organize Kids Toys
Easy Steps to Organize Kids Toys

Step 4: contain toys sorted by category

Put sets of toys in bins or baskets. I love to keep toys contained! As a result, I find it’s easier for my kids to choose what they want to use! Also, I love a system that makes clean up simpler for my kids when playtime is over!!!

Easy Steps to Organize Kids Toys: contain toys sorted by category
Easy Steps to Organize Kids Toys: contain toys sorted by category

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