50 Activities for Preschoolers Fine Motor Skills: Easy and Fun

50 Activities for Preschoolers Fine Motor Skills: Easy and Fun

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Looking for activities for preschoolers fine motor skills?! These are easy and fun!

Fine motor skills are critical for preschoolers, helping them explore the world around them with confidence and creativity. You can learn more about WHY it’s important to develop fine motor skills here.

There are endless opportunities to strengthen those tiny fingers while having a blast.

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Engaging in activities that target fine motor skills not only enhances physical abilities but also fosters cognitive development. So, let’s dive into a diverse list of 50 fun and educational activities to boost fine motor skills in preschoolers, categorized for easy reference!

Everyday Items, Extraordinary Fun

Clothespin Drop: Set up two containers, one filled with clothespins and another empty one, and encourage children to transfer the clothespins from one container to the other.

Coin Sorting: Provide a tray or mat with different compartments and a mix of coins for children to sort based on size, color, or type.

Tape Pulling Bug Rescue: rescue bugs by lifting tape to pull the bugs free!

Threading Beads for DIY Wind Chimes: Place a variety of colorful beads on strings and attach them to cups to make DIY wind chimes.

Full directions here for DIY wind chimes.

Sensory Bins Activities for Preschoolers Fine Motor Skills

Rice Sensory Bin: Fill a large container with rice and hide small toys or objects within for children to find and retrieve using their fingers.

Want more ideas – 100 Sensory Bin Fillers here!

activities for preschoolers' fine motor skills - sensory bins

Pom-Pom Sorting: Offer containers or muffin tins with different compartments and a variety of colored pom-poms for sorting.

Water Play with Sponges: Provide a basin or sink filled with water and several sponges of different sizes for children to squeeze and play with.

Puzzle Play

Wooden Puzzles: Set out a variety of wooden puzzles with matching pieces for children to assemble.

Shape Sorters: Matching shapes to corresponding holes improves fine motor skills and cognitive abilities.

Interlocking Blocks: Building with interlocking blocks strengthens hand muscles and fosters spatial awareness.

Playdough Activities for Preschoolers Fine Motor Skills

Playdough Creations: Let imaginations soar as kids squish, mold, and shape playdough into whatever their hearts desire.

2 Ingredient Edible Play Dough Recipe Here

activities for preschoolers' fine motor skills - play dough recipe

Playdough Imprints: Pressing objects into playdough creates cool textures and sparks endless creativity.

Playdough Scissors Practice: Snipping and cutting playdough with safe scissors is like giving those fingers a little workout.

Threading and Lacing

Threading Beads: Stringing beads onto a lace is like creating wearable art while honing hand-eye coordination.

Pasta Threading: Use large pasta shapes for threading while also promoting concentration and fine motor skills.

Button Threading: Sewing big buttons onto fabric is a fashion-forward way to strengthen those little hands.

Froot Loop Threading: Use Froot Loops to thread the cereal onto a pipe cleaner. Then, you can add marshmallows to make rainbows.

Full details here for this fine motor activity with Froot Loops!

Activities for Preschoolers Fine Motor Skills - threading activity

Drawing Activities for Preschoolers Fine Motor Skills

Doodle Drawing: Encouraging free drawing with crayons or markers promotes both self-expression and hand-eye coordination.

Tracing: Tracing lines and shapes develops pre-writing skills and hand control.

Stenciling Fun: Using stencils to trace shapes enhances both creativity and fine motor skills.

Painting and Drawing

DIY Puffy Paint

Recipe here: How to Make DIY Puffy Paint

50 Activities for Preschoolers Fine Motor Skills - Play Dough Recipe

Q-Tip Painting: Dipping Q-tips in paint both creates mini-masterpieces and enhances precision and control.

Giant Coloring Page: Draw large images in black marker. Then, invite kids to color these in!

activities for preschoolers' fine motor skills - DIY coloring page

Dot Markers: Pressing dot markers onto paper creates colorful artwork while building grip strength.

Cutting and Tearing

Paper Collage: Tearing or cutting paper to create collages encourages creativity and scissor skills.

Magazine Scissor Practice: Cutting out pictures from magazines feels like treasure hunting while refining cutting skills.

Paper Snowflakes: Folding and cutting paper to make snowflakes promotes both spatial awareness and bilateral coordination.

50 activities for preschoolers' fine motor skills

Building and Construction

Building with Blocks: Creating towers and castles with blocks promotes spatial awareness and problem-solving skills.

LEGO Duplo Play: Connecting LEGO Duplo pieces is like piecing together a colorful puzzle that doubles as a finger workout.

Sticker Collage: Peeling and placing stickers onto paper is like decorating their own sticker kingdom while enhancing fine motor control.

Nature Exploration Activities for Preschoolers Fine Motor Skills

Leaf Rubbings: Making leaf rubbings creates textured artwork and fosters appreciation for nature.

Pine Cone Painting: Painting pine cones develops hand strength and coordination while creating unique patterns.

Rock Art: Provide rocks and paint for children to paint and decorate rocks.

Kitchen Creations

Stirring Sensation: Set out bowls with ingredients for mixing along with spoons or spatulas for children to stir.

Rolling Dough: Offer dough along with a rolling pin and cookie cutters for children to roll out and cut shapes.

Fruit Kabobs: Provide a variety of fruit and skewers for children to thread the fruit onto.

Stringing Skills

Straw Necklaces: Stringing straws onto yarn or string improves hand-eye coordination and concentration.

Cheerio Chains: Threading Cheerios onto pipe cleaners is a delicious fine motor activity.

Bead Bracelets: Stringing beads onto elastic cord promotes hand dexterity and creativity.

Sensory Sensations

Feely Bags: Guessing objects by touch in a bag enhances tactile discrimination and sensory exploration.

Texture Boards: Set out boards or cards with different textures glued onto them for children to feel and explore.

Sensory Playdough: Make scented playdough for a scented sensory experience!

How to make Flour and Salt Play Dough Recipe

activities for preschoolers' fine motor skills - playdough recipe

Nature Walk Wonders

Stick Art: Using sticks to create pictures or sculptures encourages creativity and fine motor control.

Pine Needle Weaving: Provide pine needles and yarn for children to weave the yarn through the pine needles.

Seed Sorting: Offer a variety of seeds and containers for children to sort the seeds by size, color, or type.

Musical Activities for Preschoolers Fine Motor Skills

Rhythm Sticks: Provide rhythm sticks or wooden dowels for children to tap together to the beat of music.

Drum Circle: Offer drums or percussion instruments for children to play along to music.

Incorporating these activities into daily routines can make a world of difference in a preschooler’s fine motor development. So, grab some supplies, clear some space, and let the finger-flexing fun begin!


Nurturing fine motor skills in preschoolers isn’t just about preparing them for tasks like writing and drawing—it’s about laying the foundation for a lifetime of confident, capable exploration.

By engaging in these 50 fun and educational activities, children not only strengthen their fingers